April Special!!

APRIL SPECIAL!!!! For those of you who have enjoyed the products of our hands, we’d love to have your ratings on our website!  Please give us a star (or 4 or 5) on any product that you’ve been impressed with.  For the month of April, anyone who rates 10+ products will be sent a gift of 5 FREE bars of our beautiful goat’s milk soaps!  Please help us let others know about our products!

2 thoughts on “April Special!!

  1. I was skeptical about trying the ladies deodorant, but plesantly surprised! In the past natural deodorants would not work, but this one does! I still smelled fresh after a sweaty workout and stay dry during the day. Thanks for making a quality and healthy product!

  2. I met the owners at the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Festival in Mansfield, MO. I tried your wonderful Fresh Lavendar Body Lotion. Although you sell a mosquito repellent, I know lavender too deters this pesk. Much to my delight, not only did it soften my skin, it repelled the plentious mosquitoes I endured prior purchasing. I am now returning to buy more lotion, and other great products you provide.

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